Carpet Cleaning with Sol Carpet Repair

Carpet is often installed in a home because of its ability to provide a nice-looking appearance and for its comfort. These carpets require the proper care, however, to continue providing either of these benefits. Carpet cleaning by a professional service such as Sol Carpet Repair will not only extend the life of your carpeting; it offers many other benefits.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Regular vacuuming of your carpets along with spot cleaning should you spill a beverage or a pet soils the rug is important. As important as these cleaning tasks are to your carpet’s life span, professional carpet cleaning is just as essential for these reasons:

  • Improve  Your Airflow- It may sound strange that your carpeting affects the flow of air in your home. This statement is a fact as dirty carpets impede the air going through your house. When your carpeting becomes clogged with debris, dirt, or dust, your airflow becomes compromised. The areas most affected by this are those along your walls where the air needs to move the most. You may notice the air in your home has become stuffy or unpleasant as this is due to clogged carpets. Sol Carpet Repair can perform carpet cleaning to improve your air quality as airflow is restored after a professional cleaning. 
  • Improve the Feel and Look of Carpets– When Sol Carpet Repair performs a professional carpet cleaning in your home, it will make your carpets feel and look newer. When dust and dirt build up in the fibers of your carpets, it causes them to appear matted, older looking, more worn looking and they feel rough and flat. A professional cleaning will remove the dust and dirt that are tearing at your carpet’s fibers and make them feel softer and look newer for a more extended time. 
  • Improve Your Health– Carpets are famous for allowing bacteria, dust particles, and allergens to make a home in them. If you or anyone in your household are susceptible to breathing issues, these particles in your carpets can lead to breathing problems or increase existing ones. This health concern is significantly greater for older persons and children. When you vacuum, it does remove some of these allergens, but over time they will accumulate and increase the risk of health issues to your home. Sol Carpet Repair can perform a carpet cleaning to remove the bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens so your household can breathe more comfortably, and there is less risk for other health concerns. 

Sol Carpet Repair has been in the carpet industry for more than twenty years. There is no job that our expertise cannot cover. We take pride in our carpet cleaning services and can handle pet damage, stain removal, general carpet cleaning tasks, burn marks left in carpeting, and any other job you need to be done. Our expert team is ready to find the solution you need to make your carpeting look new.