Professional Carpet Cleaning: A Bounty of Benefits

Carpet Being Professionally Cleaned

Your carpet is exposed to just about every contaminant and substance your feet come in contact with, even if you’re vigilant about removing your shoes in the house. That’s why it’s essential that your carpet is vacuumed frequently and cleaned by a professional. This can provide benefits both to your family’s health and safety and to the health of your carpet as well. Here’s how professional carpet cleaning in Baltimore, MD, can be beneficial.

Reduce Health Concerns

There are many potential health hazards that get trapped in the carpet that can negatively impact your health or your family’s health. One of these is allergens. Dust and pollen can be picked up by a vacuum to some extent; unfortunately, the vacuum can sometimes just stir around the allergens and make problems worse for sensitive individuals. A thorough carpet cleaning will remove more of these particles so that there are fewer respiratory issues. Another health concern is bacteria that get transferred into your home, and in certain conditions, the bacteria can continue to live in your carpet fibers. Fortunately, the hot water and cleaning solution used in professional cleaning can kill these bacteria to reduce the chances that someone in your home will fall ill from bacteria or viruses in the carpet.

Improve Aesthetics

The most noticeable benefit of having your carpet cleaned at least two to three times a year is that it will look much better. The dirt you didn’t notice before will be lifted out of the carpet and make the carpet look much newer. Many stains that you assumed would be impossible to remove like ink, pet stains, red wine, mud, coffee, and more can be removed with a professional cleaning. Your carpet will be noticeably cleaner in high-traffic areas where dirt becomes embedded in the carpet. Removing noticeable stains and cleaning high-traffic areas will improve the overall appearance of the rooms. 

Better Results than Self-Use Machines

There are DIY carpet cleaning methods or machines you can either purchase or rent that will do a fair job at cleaning your carpet. Unfortunately, many of these machines are unable to remove difficult stains and can actually leave a cleaning solution residue. This residue makes it easier for future dirt or spills to stick to the carpet, and it will affect the quality and texture of the carpet as well. You’ll often notice a “crunchy” feel to the carpet after using a cleaning machine yourself. You won’t have to worry about this issue with professional cleaning services.

Girl and Dog Eating and Drinking and Spilling on Carpet

Extend Carpet Lifespan

Another benefit to consider is that your carpet will stay in better condition for longer, which extends its overall lifespan. When dust, dirt, and allergens get embedded into the carpet fibers, the fibers will start to split apart and deteriorate. This affects the cleanliness of the carpet because when the fibers deteriorate like this, it’s easier for more dirt to stick to the fibers. Sanitizing and cleaning the carpet regularly can help prolong the amount of time until you need to replace the carpet.

Freshen Up a Room

Finally, hiring regular carpet cleaning services in Baltimore will help freshen up your home in general. The bacteria and other contaminants that get in the carpet will create an odor that’s impossible to remove or cover up without getting to the source. A professional cleaning will remove this source, whether its bacteria, pet urine, or something else. To schedule your next carpet cleaning, contact Sol Carpet Repair today at 4437690316.