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Carpet Cleaning

SOL Carpet Repair offers a complete carpet cleaning package that cleans, sanitizes, deodorizes and protects your carpet, helping to combat allergens. Our carpet cleaning team is fully trained to handle your job with professionalism, knowledge, and skill. We always use the latest equipment and most up to date methods in our cleaning procedures. We provide eco-friendly cleaning solutions, which are effective and safe for you and your carpet.

Pet Damaged Carpet

If your furry friend has left some stains on the carpet then getting that stain out is going take some professional help. SOL Carpet Repair is your one-stop-shop for all of your carpet stain removal services. Our professional and friendly carpet cleaning team can help with nasty pet stains like urine and other messes.
SOL Carpet Repair aims to provide top-class quality cleaning and stain removal services in the shortest possible time. We have a dedicated team of professionals who deliver quality services to ensure that you have 100% satisfaction.

Iron Burns

Iron burn can cause severe and permanent damage to your carpets. Without any professional help restoration of your carpet is almost impossible. SOL Carpet Repair provides a cost-effective iron burn carpet repair service.
We are equipped with precision tools that can easily remove the burnt patch and then stitch in a new one making it virtually impossible to spot where the burn was. Our professional and friendly team performs the repair at your property and leaves a seamless, nearly invisible finish with no sign of damage saving you potentially hundreds of dollars.

Hire SOL Carpet Repair today for Iron burn damage repair at an affordable price.

Carpet Stretching

Does your carpet have bumps, wrinkles and looks unsightly? If so they need to be taken up, stretched, trimmed and tightened. At SOL Carpet Repair, wrinkled carpets can be stretched back into a more desirable shape, firm and extended. We use power-stretchers and other advanced tools necessary to fix loose carpet. Our highly skilled and experienced team can save you the unnecessary cost of carpet replacement and leave your carpet looking as good as new.

No matter how big or small the job; you can expect the very best of service from our highly skilled and experienced team.


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Water Damaged

Has your carpet been damaged due to a burst pipe, leaking washing machine, an overflowing bathtub or rain water? Have you looked up the price for a new carpet because you’ve had enough of bad odours and mould?

Replacing your carpet can cost you hundreds of dollars. Don’t put yourself in that position when you have SOL Carpet Repair in town! SOL Carpet Repair are the expert carpet repair and cleaning providers.

Our professional and experienced team are equipped with the knowledge, the skills and the equipment needed to dry out your carpet quickly and efficiently. We take all of the necessary steps needed to eliminate moisture and stop/prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

If you are looking for water damaged carpet repair service, then give us a call today at 4437690316

Bleach Damage Repair

If you need bleach damage carpet repair, then SOL Carpet Repair is the company turn to where your carpet problems get resolved. SOL Carpet Repair is a certified carpet cleaning and repair company that specializes in fixing bleach stains.

We have been in the carpet cleaning and repair business for over ten years and have successfully delivered high quality results.

Give us a call on 4437690316 if you want to know how to get rid of bleach stains from your carpet.

Berber Repair

Have a snagged or otherwise damaged Berber carpet? Don’t replace it. SOL Carpet Repair carries out the best carpet repair in town.

The expert team at SOL Carpet Repair can repair snags and runs in your Berber carpet. Our Berber carpet repair techniques are guaranteed to work because we only use proven methods based on industry regulations and standards.


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